Self-taught? Why not! How many teenegers are so lucky have a challenge going to school especially in the 3rd Countries, contemporary study is stated you can go to high school then you are very lucky. How about if you go to see in the other side of Africaans? Honestly we can speechless. They still need to increase their standard of living through the education.
Definition autodidact following Wiki:
"Autodidacticism (also called as autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). Generally, an autodidact is an individual who chooses the subject he or she will study, his or her studying material, and the studying rhythm and time. An autodidact may or may not have formal education, and his or her study may be either a complement or an alternative to it. Many notable contributions have been made by autodidacts."

WHY Autodidacticism IS COOL?

Because: Most genius people are doing to self taught theirself since they were childhood. And you know they are now change the world in recent scenes. You have electricity in your home rather than torch, the fact you are having automative rather than a horse, you can see in the sky the iron birds are flying over the horizon. It had been no present thousand years ago. It comes because of self learning by genius people had ever. And now you have gagdets, it is beautiful and excellent perfomance to play.

Every creatures are learn from others, from nature and their sorroundings. Even I am still a student I have an experience about this point of view. Let I say.

Teens whose learn hard for theirselves are extraordinary, these teens will found their identity theirselves. They have all capabilities to make a self taught by their natural inteligent. Yes they look cool, smart and look so mature than their real age because while ordinary numbers of teens are just playing for fun these extraordinary teens learn everything, they are so curious to everything, no wonder in the histrory the extraordinary people were begun from extraordinary teens. Most of them.
Signs teens are genius are can see from beginning of their life even they are still 10 to 16 years old they are look like:
  • Look smart or even look just an ordinary teen. But most they are so calm down. Sometimes people thought they are even not smart enough.
  • Curious, no spoiled. Look like an independent teen, can control their emotion.
  • They are even look more mature than their age.
  • Less sleeping, why this happen? Because they like read everythings, learn everything and try everything.
  • etc
Unfortunately, some of them are born among family that do not realize how they are having a genius boy or girl who possible change the world.Albert Einstein was a lucky teen because he had very good and clever mom who understood to support her son. There was bad time in his school for little Einstein at that time, his teacher thought Einstein was very stupid and they said they could not teach him anymore in the school.

His mom did not thougt the same and of course, she knew everything about her son, Einstein then learn maths and then the world know what he had done to change human being view about science and technology. He was a genius person the world had ever.

How to perform self thought?

There no formula in this personal blog because this is just a personal web, I am not a genuis girl but I have been tried hard to learn what I do not find in school. For example how to write an article, then I surf it in ethernet, in the website so many tips about it and various ways that can make you confuse. Just choose the easier one do not make you self to be so awkard. The most tips and articles are writing by it authors base in theirself experience. When you found that you think good one just try it. If you fail with it you can try another way. The stories of genius people are never lone with failure before they are success to make an invention.

I have my own way that I think so, but do not follow if you not comfortable with these:
  • When I decide to learn something without any human tutor I encourage myself to learn with my own methode for example when so many applications are offeringme how to learn English by quick I've try then I realize, the way have been with me is the best, I am not quit need the application. I just use the conventional Google English translation in my small iPhone screen, and feel comfort with it and feel that are enough. I ignore other method because I know once you change with another method, no matterwhat people said it is cool, you will need more time to adjust oneself into your system.
  • People said you must ask many people, yes I agree. Old times they did. I just learn and open google they said the do not agree. But I have my own opinion, Old times no facilities such like today. Google even have Deep mind machine today where it A.I. (Artificial Inteligent) does have very advancec capacity to give you more and more information that you need.
  • Even I do myself and believe my English isn't quite good, I have my own opinon: I must make an exercise to develop my understanding going through the languages, how to make good conversation with human, how to be a good listening and now I've tried to write some articles in English through my own blog. All are exercises and processing in my life and I do believe these all will very usefull for my next target to reach out the perfectness.
  • When people said "useless" I said "maybe not". You must be brave to opposite people around you even they are your relatives. Think again, they just telling you what they think good for themselves  and they think it will being good for you as well. But it is maybe not because everyone have their own dream to pursue why not you try your own? If you don't sure yourself just hear what they are telling you.
Do not worry with your dream
With an assumtion all people have their own dream but they have no courage even have "a dream to pursue". It why most they are ended as an ordinary person. Of course you have many reason to forget the failure.

Many people afraid with their own dream, why? It mirror from their parent stated: "You just dream, see the reality" what is different just a fantasy with your essential dream? Dream for some extraordinary teens is a power for their life. A dream will change the world overall. Alexander the Great have a dream and that dream was came true, Einstein was have dreams and that dreams were came true.  Great people have dream on their head.

Mostly why you fail going to go perform everything is because basically you are a person without any dream. So when you are going asleep think again what is my dream? And how to perform my planned to reach it out? honestly even as a girl I have a dream to a girl against the world.
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First you must know how important any logos in a blog. It is like a kind of a short impression to representative your mission in a blog. People will being reconized the massage of your blog going through it and possible become so curious what is it in the scene?


Lot of people are blogging through their smartphone, why it happen? Because of recent time technology is opening all the mobile possibilities, people are blogging with their phones, tablets and then how many of them are still using laptop or even a PC desktop? not a lot of us still remain. It why this tutorial is aimed to the blogging mobile users.

You should know a logo will offering more your blog's contents to the viewers, and more a good looking logo will having a power to change your ordinary theme become more premium in it appearance and even looks more professional. No wonder in online market some people are offering you a service for logos, they sell it. And some of it are so expensive. But with this tutorial hope you can create it by yourself and I will telling you how. Do not buy just save your money because  a logo for blogging that made by people for your blog sometimes even not meet your expectation.

When you ready to make it by yourself, do not forget to remember:

(1) Make it simple, as you can see an Apple logo is just an apple fruit shape no colorful, it is with bitten marks, but why it becomes so legendary? Because it is so simple!
(2) With impression, people so curious see that what the mission, and what is in the scene? Make an impression Logo.
(3) According to the theme, if you moot the juice why don't you insert a juice image as your icon?


In your Android phone just enter to the Play Store and search the LOGOPIT or you may following the link by clicking it you will being directly access the Play store:
Of course, still many similar applications are available in Play Store, but let focus in this one logo creator and when you done to download it just open the application. It will display a canvas for drawing, no need to drawing you just need insert so many logos, signs, fonts that availlable for your creation. Trust me it is very easy.

First step, choose canvas size, various shape are availabe as well. I propose you to choose over 300x200 for your blogger logo that will being put in your blog's header. Too large image that you embed into your site will be loaded your site with more unnecesarry load.

Then you ready to add an image that you can choose on application library by push + button, in this step you can choose a logo that you like and then you can editing it color, size and for it layout.
Red circle that I marked on canvas button is for logo insertation whereas the blue circle marked as font insertation. In this step just push the red circle first. Then a bundle of logos will displaying, you can choose one.
Hey there found a blue cup! It looks a "kotakpandora" logo's that using by me for create pandora's logo and even for it favicon!
Once you choose one logo, you can change it color, layout and even to resize it.
You may choose a color that you like. Then once you finsih with it, you can add font with few style following what you like. I courage you to make an adjustment following what color you have in your blog background header.

Using an application in a phones is very easy, you can touch it, pinch it when you want to resize the image or logo become smaller. Then just insert a font or a word in order to make your logo even more looking better.
A logo is done! But you have more than one choice to save it by different image format: JPG or PNG, please consider to choose PNG because of it trasparancy image and will automatically can inserted into your blog header without destroyed your existing  blog header background color. The image suppose to be save in  your picture album in your Android devices.


Both default and premium custom themes that you have are not provide you with any logo that suitable with your expectation or your blog mission. So it why you must create it.

Step 1: Just open blogger setting, choose setting or layout then choose "edit header" button.
When you done, you will see a dialog box such as inserted below:
You may put blog Tittle, blog description then you may push choose file to insert any logo that you create and saved in your photo album in your android devices. Or you may insert image from URL, but I recommend you for this time to choose inserting the logo directly from you photo album in your android devices.

And let choose to mark description after the image



What is favicon, is an icon with small image size  that seen on bar address. A favicon even small is very important to recognised your site by such kind icon. See address bar? Why your blog still with default blogger favicon, it is not your own identification. And you can change it easily.

With same application you can create a favicon but must note: The favicon size and dimension is just 100x100 if you make more than it, it will not working. And the dimension of a favicon shape is square, 100% square. If you make it over 100x99, it will not working because it does not working with a rectangle.

Once you create it by LOGOPIT Plus android application just resize it become really 100x100 dimension and better save it as PNG format. Go to setting such like you insert a blog logo and choose "edit"
It is easy when you use laptop or a desktop PC to edit a favicon image, for example when you need to corp an image without damaging it format. When you edit PNG  image with inappropriate tools possible will lost transparancy.

It is important to figure that when you want to insert a favicon using your android device through chrome browser just change it (the browser) become desktop site option first. Why it must? Because when you use browser with mobile option, it will read your favicon size as "too large size" like always.
If you don't mind you can read this in bahasa Indonesia version: TUTORIAL MEMBUAT LOGO DAN FAVICON BLOG
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The faster blog theme isn't means because of its both premium or "non-premium one". The faster one even when you use the default theme and fix some problems from it theme's structures that included how you to edited some embed codes. The faster one doesn't have heavy unnecessary load such as so many unknown codes embed. Large image contents, unnecessary live link, etc, especially to you my friends when you need good and fresh blogger theme you have so many options: You can use default theme and just modify it with your own page decoration, yes here we go by loadings speed following our conscience. Or you may buy it from online service.
Of course a blogger's theme isn't merely about loadings speed, so manything will be considered by someone who need to choose the theme for their blogs once for example:
  • The blog's theme looks match with blog mission and appropriate with so many blog contents will be created. So it must look professional, neat and tidy up.
  • It must fast loading, so people will stay more longer in your site
  • It does have security system even just only integrated with a whole Google system security.
  • It completed with useful tools, i.e share button, ads position arrangements, simple navigation menu. etc.
  • SEO friendly. This one mostly your business.
  • No error codes found due too so many unwanted codes embed.
  • etc.
I've tried modified few default blogger themes, and then I choose one that I think good then I combined with few blog's themes system the result is below you can see it still with default Navigation with search button on top right side, the side bar where ads hidden on it. You may edit it through blogger setting later following your sense. This theme focused to the speed.

You can see Demo or even you can try it by choose and push Demo - Download button below,

The speed test result using Pagespeed is 100% faster for mobile and 94% faster for PC or Desktop. While using different tool of pagespeed the result for fast loading for mobile is just only 3 seconds! (See picture below)

So it is so smooth, if you need the blog template or fast loadings theme, I guarantee, this theme is very smooth, light and run by fast on web. Most important is all 100% FREE!

You may edit and replace header logo, footer and other. No Credit are left or embed in this template.

(I have posted the same article in Bahasa Indonesia in: Please visit!)
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Some friends were asked me the meanings of "Kotak Pandora" and why my blog named such kind. Yes I love the Greek Mythology but I don't want adopt the myths for build up a whole lifetime of my blog with it, eventhough I am know it is very meaningful: "Pandora box" with its whole taboo secrets inside it. I know some of us are so curious. 
What is that indeed in the Greek Myth of Pandora's? The container mentioned in the original story was actually a large storage jar but the word was later mistranslated as "box". In modern times an idiom has grown from it meaning "Any source of great and unexpected troubles" or alternatively "A present which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse". Later depictions of the fatal container have been very varied, while some literary and artistic treatments have focused more on the contents of the idiomatic box than on Pandora herself. There is also an alternative tradition in which the divine gift of a jar was opened by a curious male.

According to Hesiod, when Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus, the king of the gods, took vengeance by presenting Pandora to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus. Pandora opened a jar left in his care containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils which were then released into the world. Though she hastened to close the container, only one thing was left behind – usually translated as Hope, though it could also have the pessimistic meaning of "deceptive expectation".
From this story has grown the idiom "to open  Pandora's box", meaning to do or start something that will cause many unforeseen problems. Its modern, more colloquial equivalent is "to open a can of worms".


Adopted from the stories of Greek Myths Kotak Pandora is sometimes told the unseen stories of a curious person with bad risks on it stuffs. Not everything can be shown very easy as like the fact and realities - as we want to go ahead. Sometimes better let it stay be hidden from people noses rather than make any "spoiler" or to let people know it naked, then try to touch it deeply. Then..dangerous.

Many examples have shown: People wanted to know what his/her lover did and find out the shocked story and most were with unhappy ending. 

Today with science and technology people have tried more harder to duplicate human being and completed it with A.I. We are so curious and want to know what will be happened with it. Some people tried to predict: A.I. is so excited at the first like a human baby: It can entertain, it can obey your command by a prompt action. But in the A.I. age in the future, A.I. will taking over all human happiness: Start from job, power and then a whole life of human being.They will be a great inteligent, a cogninitive inteligent with superpower capability, they will having all those what human was having before: Life.

And there is easy to guess: When we are being success to create a such kind creature, we will complete it with blue print and hide the blueprint it into the Pandora Box.
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I am not being hate, the spoiler doesn't means a car spoiler. Not really because I just watch the INFINITY WAR so forget the car spoiler. So it is about Mr. Know-it-All.
Some of us hate spoiler, why? because it called as Mr. Know-it-All. An example when you have a plan to watch infinity war movie your friend COMES full with her spirits, telling you the infinity war movie from it beginning till it endings so what is still remain will being watch? Will I cry or making a Big LOL?

In social media I had many comments and they will making a high wall to quarantine any such kind spoiler, most of friends hate it but it human is so curious and they think all of them having the same whistlist, so let pick the ticket into your cart do not hear the spoiler even they tell the truth but sounds like a shit, am I right?

Doctor strange knew and saw million times what infinity war endings but he never make any spoiler. More being stronger someone is more bigger his/her responsible to everything he/she did, so let it be naturally flow into the life river of the water.

So what is spoiler indeed? In internet most of you had ever read the spoiler signs like a dialog box or push button command texting with something be hidden onto it and that if you push it will open some of secrets that you want to know or even don't. It is all in social media as well.

No. He is The Almighty, The strongest Thing in the universe. He does let all his creatures life in his universe that available for everythings He does have. No way you talk with Him for every single words are the future topics, why? And for what know everything in time? You will not being fully understood with your limitation as a creature those created by Him.

He works with his biggest thing that you as human can't imagine and there is the mandatory for us going through his rule. So for what the Biggest and the Strongert thing make any spoiler?

So please forgive your friend because He/she is just a human like you are. Anyway that right, all human attitudes are to make interaction with others and with manyway they have. When someone vent out her heart to you means he/she trust you so much and they believe with you they can feel much better.

So Whatever you must forgive me my friends, I write some articles and that will not make you being happy or being sad. We are human so we are weak and need more communication each other to vent out all the heart stories or that will being stuck on a whole our life. However I love you my friends....

So what is spoiler? 
 Car spoiler NO
 Mr.Know-It-All Yes

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Being success in blog: the facts or just a myth?
Some people were studying hard for how earn money. But most of us like to do that naturally by having their own talent for managing the currency, to earn and to saving money. A girl does have a talent from their origin of species as a woman to manage the currency but not for earn money because This one is in monopoly by Men.
I do not think so because recent time Man and women stated as equal: Men can do even a hard and physically dangerous activities and women can do another profesional job related arts, tradings, online business etc those need more patience, thoroughness and subtlety. That’s right!

In online business women numbers are majority youngest, vigorously and of course some of them are handled their own business successfully.
There are numbers can show you how today are so crowd. Since 2013 world blogging had been reach 152.000.00 blogs and since that moments blogs were growing and growing for each 2 second time! You can count it how many blogs are now in 2018, it hard for competited now. But do not mind we are young generation are loving in a competation culture.

But how many people are involved in a blog? Study is highligted there are women is majority in blogs! Women in blog are among. 18-34 years old. But there 52% older or mature women are blogging as well. It shown off blogging is easy for earn money just even they are stay alone at home.

Blogging is the first step for earn money, from a blog you can write some articles and publish them to develope your own trade mark for further step. With a blog you can promote yourself first by share your contents into social media. Some women are created their blog by a niche to focused it into a kind of product.

Now a girl like you can start to offering some products to your articles viewers. Or base on your blogging niche, you can offering to them some kinds of services, i.e beauty, handcrafs, fashions or some toturial with pays.

Better and more easier when you have many friends with same interest in over your website. You can organize a business network to make you goals achived more easier. I can not tell you so many ways for targeting the goal of your achievement, this article will typing so long and you are know better.

Once you are success to stepped in and then you should being ready doing an online business through your web by blogging, it means the ticket for further success became more easier and near real. When people shown for their interest then you have more chance to sell your services and products to them. When you can pass these steps mentioned above, you are success not only in blogging but in some kind of business! Blogging just only for support your business, you can change it with different paltform of website later.

This just for who want seriously to change their life by blogging that the way we are.
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when you confuse what shall be bought a laptop or a smartphone? Just consider the bugdet that you have for now, then I guess you will buying a phone, Am I right?  But why? Because with a smarthphone you can call your mom by dial her number, or you can texting your friends and send them some messages, so many fun in just one hand. Further more a phone does have networking capacity as laptop does have, so you can also chat with your friends through the internet.

Oh yes! I can't count how many times you can use it for get pictures with your friends and send them into social media like Facebook, IG, and GPlus? That are the ordinary people way to use their phones.

Why we call you are genius one is when you can use your smartphone more than a phone. You can use it for some productivity work such as: Blogging, support working, support learning, and for some excercises. When you so curious, here we go:

You can use your smartphone for blogging, some people called it as BLOG ON THE GO. But I would like to tell you in Indonesia many youngers are using their phone for blogging, they suppose to be no need a laptop or a PC for doing to do it. So it suppose to be more than BLOG ON THE GO because no hurry up or a business travelling during they are doing it. They do it because they have no laptop, it half no another choice for them.
If you think it is easy to texting or even to write an article with more than a thousand words then I agree with you, but they can do to edit and change a blog theme with their phones. And you must know that are not too expensive phones they have and of course just with standard features sometimes.

More than just to change any theme for blogging good looking, they can also to edit HTML for make any customize their blog! Do not open your mouth so wide to hear this, it is true.

With blogging some they can earn money by adsense or another business by online through their phones. It what I called a smart people using their phones!

What I found during with Indonesian friends were an awsome experience one. They were diligent, smart and kind.

Sometimes you will figure that they are working so hard and some of them put a part time work on their shoulder for help their parents for earn money. On their phone they have some productivity applications such as: Microsoft Office, so they can edit their work with Ms. Office on the go, at their home they can use Ms. Word for send their report by mobile etc. They send an email by some pictorial that shot by phone's camera for some business working related. It what I called a smart people using their phones!

Do you think it is an impossibel  to earn money by online? People said: Blogging provides an easy way to keep your costumers and clients up to date on what's going on, let them know about new deals. and provide tips. The more a customer comes to your blog, the more likely they are to spend money. And it is true.
You can do making an affiliation business for example, by selling stuffs from another and offering it from your site to your visitors, by that way you can earn money from them. 

Some Young people does not have PC or laptop but a smartphone is enough for them. Students are using it for support their study in the school. Recent time an Indonesian teacher does not matter will allowed their students to use a phone rather than or beside a laptop for surfing in ethernet looking for some lessons in google search engine. As we know most knowlegdes can be searched in ethernet now. 

And students can use their phone for helping their home work. It what I called a smart people using their phones!

Even some of us thoughts, no need doing to do the old typing style like what grandpa did, but until now typing text by a keyboard help you type more quick and more effective rather than typing by touch on screen. These typing methods are having more and less benefit for some people, but I do believe the best way to type and texting for make some long article is still with keyboard typo! But indeed you can dictate your santences by voice.
There two external keyboard models are selling in the market: The bluetooth keyboard one or the wiring keyboard like PC's have. I suggest you to buy the wiring keyboards because of the price are more and more cheaper tha the bluetooth connection one.

How to use it? The bluetooth keyboard one can pairing easily to your phone but it is expensive at least you must have $200 for buy it. And I still feel doubt for it accuration for typing any paper work when the cheaper one is compared with it low quality. It why I suggest you to choose the wiring keyboard beside it you can buy this model with low bugdet: $5 in Batam Indonesia. It is so accurate for typing on your tablets or your android smartphones.

With keyboard you can train your fingers for typing, you can learn how to use ten fingers for quick typing. You can even close your eyes and continue typing for advance. Just do this by pateint and repeat your practice.

And many more phones benefit you can find, it can be a laptop alternative, it can be good camera, it can be your agency for some business, so what? It what I called a smart people using their phones!
This post has been reposted in Bahasa Indonesia with tittle: APAKAH KAMU TERMASUK JENIUS?
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This new blog for test
There is no big deal even how hard I try to concealed and in the back door: We are fool when we think we has been done with the great thing and dream to enjoy it instantly. Or when we think we can hide everything forever and ever after.

Here I am sitting in the desk and my lovely cat sitting on it too and she close to my laptop licking her knee by itself. I've tried to write something and there no any kind inspiration comes even though I just done create new site called "KOTAK PANDORA" and hope I can write something by comfort. really feel like a shit when my mom called me for help her in the kitchen in this moment.

Lmao? I am gonna be it.

I am a girl and I am 16 years old a student degree 11. I am not the only one in this house, I have a young sister she is 2 classes under me. I study, yes I do but here still many spare times for playing and even for writing yes I do. So if it is bored for me time always divided to be three sessions but not really think so: The past, the recent and the future. It means, I've tried playing everything by rule in a whole my life.
  • The Past Time. It had been. Why everything in the past feel worn now: The music had been old, the life style was worn out. But nor, everything feel still left behind.
  • The recent time. I am sitting here with my cat unlock my screen and try to do something: check my homework, think about an examination from my class, writing and dreaming. Now my fingers is dancing. The result will be published in this new blog called Kotak Pandora as soon.
  • The future time where I hope my dream will coming true: So many thing will be reached out. That always spinned off  my head.
Well, so what the mission of this blog? I have no idea yet. I have planned telling so many secrets around us and pin it into the deep web through this blog so it why I put the tittle of pandora, and I added the subtittle: "always find out the ways" as well or possible will be changed with "find out the secret" I do not know. I need you friends. Sometimes we can't do everything alone. But I noted one thing: I do not want the past, and I will not going to the future ASAP, I am still in the recent time to prepare everything that I dream on.
Because life is too short and let here we go to try something an online business lucky if you can earn money from it as soon, if not just be patient. At least we are happy going through it, if  some where out there nothing just to do just do not hesitate to leave....

Thank you
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